Little Country Kitchen Monroe, NC

I love finding these local hidden gems like Little Country Kitchen!

When I first started my YouTube channel more than a year ago, my goal was to show the world all of the local hidden gems in the South. You know, restaurants where the locals go. Just like the Cheers theme song says” You wanna go where everybody knows your name”. I wanted to curate a collection of these places so when outsiders visit, they too can share my love of southern food from these local establishments. The local restaurants are the one that treats you like family. Little Country Kitchen is a prime example of a restaurant that fits the mold. No one knew me here, but that did not matter. As soon as I walked in the door I felt welcomed. It was a joy to see all the mix of people from different backgrounds mingling and talking over their morning coffee.

There is ample parking that surrounds the quaint little building.

Little Country Kitchen is located on Old Charlotte Hwy in Monroe, NC. What used to be the main road, has now taken a back seat to the heavily traveled Hwy 74 (Independence Blvd). Of course, this is now considered a back road to some. Even still, it is a heavily traveled road. You will need to be quick on your toes so you do not miss it because of a building that is just before it. It blocks the view of this building until you get right up on it. There is ample parking that surrounds the quaint little building. It has two entrances, but we choose the one that faces Old Charlotte Hwy.

To Be honest, they had me at Country ham.

Once inside, it was fairly crowded and it appeared not to be many seats. upon further investigating there is another section that has more seating. We took our seats and was filled with excitement to open the menu. I sat down and looked up to a sign that daily specials on it.  It read, Saturdays Special, 2 eggs, Country Ham, Hashbrowns or Grits, biscuits or toast for $5.95. To be honest, they had me at Country ham but the price really blew me away. I did not even need to look at the menu to make my mind up.

After we ordered, we got our coffee and the wait was on. We did not wait more than 7 to 8 minutes for our food to arrive. The wife got a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on toast. Of course, I got the special that was on the chalkboard. The coffee and food were delicious. The grits were cooked perfectly! To me, grits is a hard item to mess up but you would be surprised at the restaurants that do not cook them nor season them properly. Little Country Kitchen did a jam up job on them. The Country Ham was just right, not over cooked like some restaurants may do. At any rate, it was a great meal.

Next time I am in the area, I want to try out lunch at the Little Country Kitchen. I bet it is every bit as good as the breakfast was. Make sure to check out the video below of our visit. If you are ever in the area, check them out and see for yourself. We also have many other restaurants we have visited in North Carolina. If there is a place you like us to visit or if you love this review, leave us a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Little Country Kitchen Monroe, NC

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    Liz Mays - September 7, 2017

    Those grits are calling my name big time! I find they vary dramatically from place to place, and there’s nothing like it when you hit a great bowl!

    1. Reply
      Southern Food Junkie - September 7, 2017

      You hit that spot on! I don’t understand why many restaurants don’t season their grits. It’s better to cook them with salt than to add it yourself. I love mine thick too. I really appreciate you stopping by to visit.

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